zText - Writes text on your image

by tintin

This plugin enables writing on an image in any font, color, size, opacity, in any perspective view, with shadow effect and more. It also supports text effects like italic, bold underline, etc. Drawing the date/time of the image shot is possible as well as writing camera type, lens, image size and many more. For writing several texts, one text can be put on each layer. Each text might broken in several lines through using '\n'. With this plugin it is possible to label any 3D-object in your image - e.g. a cube - or to watermark the whole image. zText also supports access to many image attributes like version name of current image, date, time, size and many more. Additionally access to all exif data is available - e.g. ISO, F-number, exposure time, ... (see the readme file in the package for more details)

zText - Writes text on your image

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AfterShot / AfterShot Pro 3

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Linux users:

Download 64-bit version

AfterShot / AfterShot Pro 2.2

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