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What is a ARW File?

ARW is a raw image file format used by Sony Cameras. In this format, all the data captured by the Camera’s CCD is preserved using TIFF specifications. ARW files are uncompressed and large in size. The files are generally used for editing and exporting into compressed image formats like JPG, GIF or PNG. This format captures significant image details which might not be visible in a lot of image editing software. AfterShot Pro is great for reading and editing every detail of ARW images.

How to open ARW files with Aftershot
  1. Launch Aftershot
  2. Choose File > Open
  3. Find the ARW file you wish to open
  4. Select the File(s)
  5. Edit & Save Your File!
Open ARW files in Windows
Compatible with:
Windows 10
Windows 9
Windows 8
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