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AfterShot Pro 3

Time-saving RAW conversion, non-destructive photo editing and complete photo management.

  • Up to 4x faster than Adobe® Lightroom®!
  • One-click integration with Photoshop
  • No subscription required

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Time-saving photo editing for Photoshop

Traditionally, Photoshop was designed to work with one photo or project at a time, not the hundreds or thousands of photos we take today in any one shoot. To handle this large volume of photos, there’s a new class of photo editing software. In this category, no photo editor saves your more time than AfterShot Pro 3. Faster, just a powerful, subscription-free and nearly half the cost of Adobe Lightroom, AfterShot Pro saves you time and money, and still fits into your Photoshop workflow.

Send your photos from AfterShot to Photoshop with the click of a mouse

Send photos to Photoshop with one click

AfterShot Pro integrates well with Photoshop. With AfterShot Pro as your batch processor and image manager, you can quickly process your RAW photos. When you’re ready for more detailed editing, click the “Edit with External Editor” to export in TIF directly to Photoshop.

Send your photos from AfterShot to Photoshop with the click of a mouse

Access new camera profiles

To edit RAW images from newer cameras, Adobe requires you to subscribe to Creative Cloud®. But what if you don't want to move off your perpetual license of Photoshop? AfterShot Pro is the answer. With ongoing continuous updates to its RAW camera database, AfterShot Pro 3 can convert your RAW files and readily send them for editing in Photoshop.

Skip the import

Skip the import

Unlike Lightroom, AfterShot Pro doesn't force you to import your images into a catalog just to work with them. Easily access your photos in your existing file structure, including on a network or on a memory card. If you wish, try catalogs to take advantage of powerful digital asset management tools to organize your collection as it grows. If you do choose to import, AfterShot Pro's significant speed advantage will help you get away from the computer faster and back behind your camera where you belong.

Cull unwanted photos first

Cull unwanted photos first

When culling images in Lightroom, you must first import all of your images off your camera or SD card—a slow, onerous process. With AfterShot Pro 3, you can cull and rate all your photos before you import them, giving you a measurable time advantage. Only importing your 'keeper' photos saves time and lets you keep your hard drive organized.

Save space, save money

Choose only the photos you want, directly from a camera or SD card

Choose photos that matter

If you want to get a few photos from a friend or colleague's camera, most photo workflow tools make you import EVERYTHING. With AfterShot Pro 3, simply insert an SD card or connect camera to your computer, and take only what you want.

Enjoy the flexibility of a small installed footprint

Enjoy a smaller footprint

AfterShot Pro 3's download and installed footprint is small, yet it still has all the processing power you would expect from a leading photo-editing tool. Because AfterShot Pro 3 takes up little space on your computer, it's perfect to run on a notebooks or workstation alike.

Subscription-free savings

Subscription-free savings

AfterShot Pro 3 is great value. If you don't want an Adobe subscription—because your current version of Photoshop has all the tools you need or simply because you don't want to pay year in and year out for something you can easily own—AfterShot Pro is an ideal alternative to a subscription.

AfterShot Pro 3

Lightroom CC

Download size^
Windows: 180 MB
Mac: 100 MB
Windows: 740 MB
Mac: 730 MB
Installed size^
Windows: 420 MB
Mac: 220 MB
Windows: 1.9 GB
Mac: 1.7 GB

Not interested in leaving Lightroom?
Process photos faster by Adding AfterShot Pro 3 to your Lightroom workflow

It's possible to accelerate your photo workflow by combining AfterShot Pro and Lightroom. AfterShot Pro 3 can save you time when viewing, culling and rating your photos—and still let you stay married to Lightroom for editing. Include AfterShot Pro 3's unparalleled speed and power in your Lightroom workflow to find your best shot faster. At nearly half the cost of a one-year Lightroom subscription to OWN it perpetually, why wouldn't you? After all, time is money—and we could all use a little more of it.

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^Download and installed sizes are current as of March 2016 and are approximations only.

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*Pricing current as at April 2016 and is subject to change. Adobe Lightroom CC is available on a subscription cost $119.88 USD per year and Adobe Lightroom 6 is available on a perpetual license, costing $149.00 USD.
Pricing obtained from the Adobe Lightroom cart: Lightroom CC pricing  Lightroom 6 pricing