Corel® GradFilter™ Pro - Graduated Neutral Density and Color Filter

By Corel

GradFilter Pro simulates graduated neutral density and graduated color filters. The plugin can be used, for example, to darken a bright sky or brighten a dark subject so that both the sky and subject are properly exposed.

Some public comments from happy users:

  • "GradFilter Pro has saved and improved more pictures than any other utility I have ever used."
  • "Wow, just purchased it and I'm really impressed with this plugin!"
  • "Thank you very much! Made a quick post about it on my blog. When I saw the lighting conditions at the wedding a couple of weeks ago I knew I'd need the gradfilter for some of the wider shots."
  • "Shut up and take my money!"

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GradFilter Pro - Graduated Neutral Density and Color Filter

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