RAW Bildbearbeitungsprogramm AfterShot Pro

AfterShot Pro's RAW-Level Plug-in SDK

AfterShot Pro's plug-in SDK provides the only RAW-Level plug-in interface in the industry, while also providing complete, tightly-integrated access to AfterShot Pro's fully multi-threaded image pipeline.

AfterShot Pro's Plug-in SDK provides the following benefits:

  • True RAW-Level access providing the industry's only plug-in access to decoded RAW files at any step in our image adjustment pipeline
  • Totally non-destructive image editing, applied without needing to render out a temporary image file
  • Choose exactly where you want your plug-in to run within our imagine processing pipeline
  • Complete Edit History & Undo / Redo support
  • Complete Copy & Paste support, and complete integration with AfterShot Pro's Preset system
  • Edit whole images, or utilize in AfterShot Pro's Regions & Layers system to allow Selective Editing with zero additional development effort
  • Complete licensing freedom: create free or commercial plug-ins and determine your own licensing policy

Plug-in SDK Request

If you are interested in developing a plug-in, email us with "plug-in SDK" in the subject line and a quick description of your plans for the SDK. We will be in touch as soon as possible with additional details.

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