CA Quest - Manage Chromatic Aberration Correction

by tintin

CA Quest manages a "profile" of corrections which have to be applied differently for different cameras and lenses, and at different key settings. The Lens Correction feature for zoom lenses allows you to build a profile of the Chromatic Aberration correction required at each point in the lens' zoom range, interpolating estimated values for points in between. This is very useful if you do a lot of shooting with entry-level or "mid-range" zooms, which typically require significant, and varying, CA correction at each end of the zoom range, but relatively little in the middle. It also works well for compact cameras with zoom lenses. CA Quest also supports Aperture-specific profiling and control of Vignette correction as well as the main CA values. The Noise/Sharpening correction feature applies an appropriate preset to each image depending on the combination of camera and ISO value, allowing different noise suppression and sharpening levels by default at each point in the ISO range. Note that CA Quest doesn't implement any processing filter itself, it simply automates use of the standard correction functions (and those applied by some plugins). CA Quest also eases the process of migrating existing images from Bibble 5 to Aftershot Pro, by providing tools to "back up" and update key settings in the Bibble .XMP files.

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